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From "Marcelo Ochoa" <>
Subject Re: Lucene vs. Database
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2008 17:02:35 GMT
> Crawling a DB is not a good idea. Indexing while writing/deleting is
> clever.
  These operations also consume network traffic in architectures like Solr WS.
  Also there is a waste of network traffic when a query is filtered
against relational data (slides 15 and 18 of Google presentation), for
select  /*+ DOMAIN_INDEX_SORT */,p.first_Name,p.last_Name,p.nationality,,p.type_Document,
   p.number_Document,p.civil_State,p.date_Birth,p.mail,g.organization_id ,
   lscore(1) as suma from person p left join
   (select * from guest where organization_id = 67) g on g.person_id =
     where p.state = 1  and lcontains(p.first_name, 'rownum:[1 TO 20]
AND John~ Doe~',1) > 0
   This kind of filtering (security for example) is very common in
relational world, then there are two possible solutions:
   1) performs a free text search to lookup all the rowid that match
and send it to the database to filter it against the other table
   2) get all the rows from the DB and joins in middle tier with the
rows which match the free text query.
  in both cases there will be a lot of network traffic if the free
text query cardinally is larger than the relational filter.
  Many times the DB optimizer can choose a different execution plan
based on how costly is the operation on the index and this information
is known by the DB only.
> Doing it inside the DB is a solution.
> Java users like ORM. Compass plug Lucene indexation in the ORM's
> transaction. If it's wrote or deleted, Lucene is aware.
  AFAIK now Lucene doesn't support two-phase commit, so what happen if
transaction need to be undoed?
  If you perform an update on Lucene index before a relational delete,
if the delete is rolled back the index will have inconsistently
returning phantom reads.
  Otherwise if you perform the update on Lucene index after a DB
operation which is committed and the index fail there will be rows
which will be not considered as positive hit.
  In Lucene Domain Index both, the DML operation, and the Lucene
storage are transactional and the operation can be secure rolled back.
> Compass is opensource.
  Lucene and Lucene Domain Index too ;) so for Oracle users is an open
source solution.
  Also we are looking for an alternative solution using open sources
database, like H2, but not all databases have and API for creating new
> M.
  Best regards, Marcelo.
Marcelo F. Ochoa
Want to integrate Lucene and Oracle?
Is Oracle 11g REST ready?

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