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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: bunch of newbie queries, PS
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2008 18:24:53 GMT

: Subject: bunch of newbie queries, PS

Paul: your subject linke seems to indicate that your email is a followup 
to previous questions, however i don't seem to have ever seen those 
questions posted on the list, and i can't seem to find any previous emails 
from you in any of hte online archives -- so if that is the case you may 
want to resend your questions.

: OK, after googling around for a while, I found this: 
: (alas, I agree) 

These comments are from 2004 -- at a time when "Lucene" was basicly 
just what is now known as "Lucene-Java". I'd like to think many of those
comments have since been addressed, particularly by the bg "What Is 
Lucene" section on the home page that breaks down the list of subprojects 
to help point people in the correct direction.

Specific comments on otherways the website and documentation can still be 
improved today are always welcome.

: and then eventually I realized that the download web-page directory has 
: a link to the "archive" where all the old stuff is (probably this is 
: common and obvious, but I kept missing it) -- every link that purports 
: to take me to an old version takes me to 
: -- it would help a 
: lot (and would be easy to do, no?) if all the links to old stuff went to 
: instead. (Not 
: necessarily that particular mirror, of course.)

I'm not really sure if i'm understanding what your suggestion is -- what 
links are you finding that "purports to take me to an old version" .. can 
you give us specific examples? (ie: "On 
there is a link with the text "Get 1.9" that really links to ...")

Part of the confusion may be that many pages, which are archived copies of 
hte documentation included in each release, have generic links like 
"Releases" or "Binary and source distributions are available __here__" 
type links that point at  
We do not update these links as new versions come out (and old versions 
are archived) becuase:
  1) these docs are archives of hte documentation included in teh releas, 
we don't revise history.
  2) we want to encourage visibility and downloading of the most current 
release, since it's the one with the most current bug fixes.  If someone 
has (or finds) old documentation we don't want that documentation to link  
directly to a download of whatever version was current at the time, 
we want to link to the *current* version (which includes current 

But as i said: if you could tell us exactly whcih links confused you, we 
can figure out if that's the situation we're talking about.  I'm also open 
to suggestions for better ways to make the "archive" directory more 
obvious for people who really are looking for historical releases 
(although i'm at a loss to think of many common cases for wanting to find 
old releases)


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