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From Paul Smith <>
Subject Re: Performance of never optimizing
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 21:47:28 GMT
> I don't believe our large users to have enough memory for Lucene  
> indexes to fit in RAM. (Especially given we use quite a bit of RAM  
> for other stuff.) I think we also close readers pretty frequently  
> (whenever any user updates a JIRA issue, which I am assuming  
> happening nearly constantly when you've got thousands of users). I  
> was trying to mimic our usage as closely as I could to see whether  
> Lucene behaves pathologically poorly given our current architecture.  
> There have been some excellent suggestions about using in-memory  
> indexes for recent updates but changes of that kind are,  
> unfortunately, currently outside of my purview :-(
> Given that our current usage may be suboptimal :-/ does anyone have  
> any ideas about what may be causing the anomalies I identified  
> earlier?

We have exactly the same problem JIRA has only even bigger I think..   
We have large projects with 10's of millions of documents and mail  
items.  Our requirement was a 5 second refresh time (that is, an  
update (add, delete, or update) can take no longer than 5 seconds  
before a subsequent search can see it.  Worse, we have a large number  
of fields customers need to sort by, so tearing down a 15Gb index with  
a dozen sorting fields every 5 seconds and rebuilding the  
FieldSortedHitQueue's is clearly not going to work.. :)

We solved this by having a virtual index made up of an 'archive' and a  
'work' index, and then run a multi-reader over the 2.  All updates  
(adds, updates, deletes) are done as a delete to the Archive index,  
and then an add/update to the work index.  Every week during a lull we  
merge the 2 into a new archive index directory and 'switch' to it  
(blocking updates while we optimize and switch).  This means the work  
sub-index can be refreshed every 5 seconds because it is small and we  
'pin' the archive index in memory by doing... well.. a fairly  
egregious hack to be honest.  We actually have to do updates to the  
Archive to satisfy the delete, but doing that normally would require a  
total refresh for that delete to be made visible.  We accomplish that  
by allowing the delete to go to the disk (via deleted segment) but  
also we apply the deletes in memory as well so that can be seen.  This  
way the most up-to-date data can be seen in the work index.

This gives the best of both worlds, a really warmed up large archive  
index, and a smaller work index ( no more than a weeks worth of  
updates) that we can refresh every 5 seconds.  The tear down/warm up  
cycle appears to be fine for us for the work index and we can satisfy  
searches very quickly.

It would be really nice if Lucene could allow deletes to be done  
against a live IndexReader without flushing anything else out.



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