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From Timon Roth <>
Subject read between the lines of an index
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 20:44:40 GMT
dear list

i want to add a entry to an index with a custom synomlist to an index. for 
example with the following text:

[i worrie about nothing beacuse this worls is crazy]

and i want to add the two custom synonyms


so that a search for lazy, crazy nothing and anything gives me a hit to the 
entry in the index.

the point is, that prasesearch must still work. for exapmple when im searching 

"this world is crazy" or "i worrie about nothing" must result in a hit, and i 
cannot just paste the sysnonyms after the existing words like this:

[i worrie about nothing anything beacuse this worls is crazy lazy]

how ca i do this? is there a possibility to insert more then one word at the 
same position?


Timon Roth
Triemlistrasse 92
8047 Z├╝rich
043 817 40 31
079 636 57 28

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