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From Babak Farhang <>
Subject Switching from Store.YES to Store.NO
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 17:01:49 GMT

A review of the requirements of the project I'm working on has led us
to conclude that going forward we don't need Lucene to store certain
field values--just index.  Owing to the large size of the data, we
can't really afford to reindex everything, (Going forward, we plan to
treat these fields as if they were never stored.) Which brings up my
question.  What effect, if any, does switching to Store.NO have when
existing documents in the index already use Store.YES for that field?
Will the change take effect for the new docs added to the index?  Are
there any side-effects to consider?

Also, more generally, since the Lucene API does not guard against
changing the document "schema" as the index is being built, I imagine
the effects of such mid-stream "schema" changes might be documented
somewhere.  Please share, if you know of such a document.


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