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From Christopher Condit <>
Subject recovering payload from fields
Date Fri, 26 Feb 2010 20:41:51 GMT
I'm trying to store semantic information in payloads at index time. I believe this part is
successful - but I'm having trouble getting access to the payload locations after the index
is created. I'd like to know the offset in the original text for the token with the payload
- and get this information for all payloads that are set in a Field even if they don't relate
to the query. I tried (from the highlighting filter):
TokenStream tokens = TokenSources.getTokenStream(reader, 0, "body");
 while (tokens.incrementToken()) {
    TermAttribute term = tokens.getAttribute(TermAttribute.class);
    if (toker.hasAttribute(PayloadAttribute.class)) {
      PayloadAttribute payload = tokens.getAttribute(PayloadAttribute.class);
      OffsetAttribute offset = toker.getAttribute(OffsetAttribute.class);
But the OffsetAttribute never seems to contain any information.
In my token filter do I need to do more than:
offsetAtt = addAttribute(OffsetAttribute.class);
during construction in order to store Offset information?


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