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From jm <>
Subject AnalyzerUtils.getLoggingAnalyzer changing the way the inner analyzer works?
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2010 11:06:31 GMT
I have an issue with my custom analyzer...see the following code:

    public static Analyzer getAnalyzer() {
        // cache the analyzer
        if (analyzer == null) {
            analyzer = new CustomStopAnalyzer(); //does some basic
customization, nothing too fancy
            //analyzer = AnalyzerUtils.getLoggingAnalyzer(new
CustomStopAnalyzer(), System.out, "debug");
        return analyzer;

The thing is, the content in the index is different if I index with
one analyzer or the other. AnalyzerUtils.getLoggingAnalyzer() is from
contrib, lucene 3.0. I assume by the doc that
AnalyzerUtils.getLoggingAnalyzer does not change the workings of the
inner analyzer, but by using luke I can see this is happening! At
least it looks like.
I index a word like: mail44. With new CustomStopAnalyzer() I get
'mail' indexed, and with AnalyzerUtils.getLoggingAnalyzer I get
'mail44' (that is what should be indexed).

Anyone has a clue??

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