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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: DisjunctionMaxQuery with tie breaker=1 same as MultiFieldQueryParser?
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 17:36:48 GMT

: If I am just searching for a term, "ipod" in this case, how would be coord
: computed? Would in this case coord(q,d) matter at all? (I understand that
: not)

in theory your SImilarity coord() function would be called to find out 
what hte coord value for "1 of 1" should be ... but in reallity TermScorer 
doesn't look at coord, just BooleanQuery (and maybe some of the 
SpanQueries, i can't remember)

: In case I search for 2 terms in 2 fields but making compulsory for both
: terms to appear in at least one of the fields, would coord matter? (I
: understand that not)

you lost me, it really depends on what exactly the query structure is -- 
the short answer: if there is a BooleanQuery involved, then coord matters.

: As far as I understant documentation, coord just matters when you are not
: doing a pure AND between the query terms you want to search.
: Am I correct?  

if all clauses are mandatory, then all docs that match should have 
identical values for the coord, so you are correct, it shouldn't matter.


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