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From Hans-Henning Gabriel <>
Subject Similarity based on regexp
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2010 14:10:02 GMT
Hello everybody,

this is what I would like to do:
I have an index with documents containing a field 'authors'. I would like to find all documents
that have authors similar to a given author-string. One could do this by a special query,
relying on lucenes scoring/ranking mechanism. 
But I would like to do it different: I want to use my own similarity implementation, one that
is based on regular expressions for example. An example is that this author string "Arthur
Gabriel, Peter Davis and Kate Janeway " is equal (highest possible similarity) to this one
"A. Gabriel & P. Davis & K. Janeway".

Is there a way doing things like this in lucene? To give a similarity implementation completely
different (e.g. based on regular expressions) than lucenes scoring function?
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