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From <>
Subject query: order of search
Date Thu, 01 Apr 2010 06:22:10 GMT

Query I
Does the order of query play role in searching 
example:doc has fields
rollno(pk), name, marks

Query : marks=90&rollno=2&name=abc

Query :rollno=2&name=abc&marks=90

which query processing will be more efficient.
is it work like search doc field by field , it will look for doc having
rollno=2 then from thos will look for name abc and from the selected docs
will again look for marks param .

Query II
 which  is more faster .
a)  adding one more multivalued field into current index(large) 
b)  or creating a separate index for the field and searching it as a
subindex .
My main apprehensions is in regard to large size of index


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