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From ArminS <>
Subject creating tag cloud (with faceted search?) for search result (filter)
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 13:36:32 GMT

Hi guys,

I did some extensive research over the last days, also searched the threads
in this forum (big compliment to the users helping here!) about creating a
tag cloud of the search result(s). But I still couln't find something
satisfying me yet...


I have lots of user text comments (unstructured) stored in the database,
collected over a website as feedback.
My goal is, first to make this amount of data searchable/filterable with
good performance and then I want to create a tag cloud of the results after
searching for a single term, so that I can use the tag cloud then for
iterative search refinement by clicking on one term (for filtering again) in
the cloud! No discussion about the tag cloud decision please :) Focus is on
single terms/tags mainly, no phrases.

Lets imagine doing a search/filter with the word "performance":

- while showing the results, a tag cloud should be generated with all the
terms connected to those text comments, in which "performance" appears.
- when I click on a word in this tagcloud, it should do the same again for
this selected word etc.
=> have the "corpus" filtered in a visualized way as a tag cloud

Actually it goes in this direction ("Drill Clouds"):

Now my questions on that:

Do I need Solr (because of the faceted search feature) or is it also
possible with lucene only?
If Solr - which steps are neccessary to do a faceted search/navigation as a
tag cloud?
I know it has something to do with "term vectors", right?
If it's not possible to realise it 100%, no worries, just let me know, how
far I can go.

Please don't be too informatic in the first place, as I'm not a developer :)

Glad for any help of you guys!


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