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From Iam Jabour <>
Subject Best way to create a Lucene Index with fields that can be updated frequently, and filtering the results by this field.
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:25:49 GMT
Hi, I use Lucene to index my documents and search. Actually I have
800k documents indexed in Lucene. Those documents have some fields:

Id: is a Numeric field to index the documents

Name: is a textual field to be stored and analyzed

Description: like name

Availability: is a numeric field to filter results. This field can be
updated frequently, every day.

My question is: What's the better way to create a filter for availability?

1 - add this information to index and make a lucene filter. With this
approach I have to update document (remove and add, because lucene
3.0.2 not have update support) every time the "availability" changes.
What the cost of reindex?

2 - don't add this information to index, and filter the results with a
DB select. This approach will do a lot of selects, because I need
select every id from database to check availability.

3 - Create a separated index with id and availability. I don't know if
it is a good solution, but I can create a index with static
information and other with information can be frequently updated. I
think it is better then update all document, just because some fields
were updated.

Iam Jabour

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