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From Ben VandenBos <>
Subject boosting on a sint results in high cpu spikes and ultimately hangs solr
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2011 20:04:01 GMT

We've been using solr for several years now with great success.  Recently, we modified a boost
query to reference a dynamic sint field defined as follows:

    <dynamicField name="*_i"  type="sint" indexed="true" stored="false" omitNorms="true"/>

We index a handful of these fields per document.  Their field names are of the form:




There are roughly 240 different ids.  No document has more than 20 of these fields, most of
1-4.  Many have none.  We have about ~3 million documents.

We added the following clause to our boost query:


We insert the appropriate id into the boost clause at query time.

Our average response time from solr prior to this change was around 12-20 ms.  Immediately
after, it went up a bit to 16-32ms.  Unfortunate, but acceptable.  Then in the following minutes,
the response time begins to fluctuate heavily, spiking to 100ms and then back down to 20,
then to 150ms and back down.  After 30-60 mins, the response time spikes to 15K ms which effectively
kills the instance and it never recovers until our monitoring restarts solr.

Initially we were giving the JVM 6gigs of memory.  As a test, we bumped it up to 10.  That
delayed the effect, but it still happened.  It took about 2-3 hours to tank.  Here's the commandline:

  /usr/bin/java \
  -Djetty.home=/srv/solr \
  -Dsolr.solr.home=/srv/solr/solr \
  -Xms6144m -Xmx6144m \
  -jar /srv/solr/start.jar \

I've isolated this issue to the boost query, even if it's the only clause in the boost query,
it still happens.  Without it, everything runs great.  I cannot reproduce the problem using
any other field.

We boost on other *_i fields with no problems.

We're running solr 1.4.1.  All queries are going against slaves.  Here's our cache config:

    <filterCache class="solr.LRUCache" size="1000" initialSize="1000" autowarmCount="1000"/>

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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