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From Paul Taylor <>
Subject Problem modifying Similarity class to work with lucene 3.1.0
Date Tue, 03 May 2011 13:57:03 GMT
How can I convert this Similariity method to use 3.1 (currently using 
3.0.3), I understand I have to replace lengthNorm() wuth computerNorm() 
, but fieldlName is not a provided parameter in computerNorm() and 
FieldInvertState does not contain the fieldname either. I need the field 
because I only want to make this adjustment for a particular field in 
the index not all fields, and I don't believe there is anything in the 
api at the moment to let you set similarity at a field level.

public class MusicbrainzSimilarity extends DefaultSimilarity {

      * Calculates a value which is inversely proportional to the number 
of terms in the field. When multiple
      * aliases are added to an artist (or label) it is seen as one 
field, so artists with many aliases can be
      * disadvantaged against when the matching alias is radically 
different to other aliases.
      * @return score component
     public float lengthNorm(String fieldName, int numTerms) {

         if (fieldName.equals("alias")) {
             return 0.578f; //Same result as normal calc if field had 
three terms the most common scenario
         } else {
             return super.lengthNorm(fieldName, numTerms);

      * This method calculates a value based on how many times the 
search term was found in the field. Because
      * we have only short fields the only real case (apart from rare 
exceptions like Duran Duran Duran) whereby
      * the term term is found more than twice would be when
      * a search term matches multiples aliases, to remove the bias this 
gives towards artists/labels with
      * many aliases we limit the value to what would be returned for a 
two term match.
      * Note: would prefer to do this just for alias field, but the 
field is not passed as a parameter.
      * @param freq
      * @return score component
     public float tf(float freq) {
         if (freq > 2.0f) {
             return 1.41f; //Same result as if matched term twice

         } else {

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