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From Chris Schilling <>
Subject new to lucene, non standard index
Date Thu, 05 May 2011 20:12:01 GMT

I am trying to figure out how to solve this problem:

I have about 500,000 files that I would like to index, but the files are structured.  So,
each file has the following layout:

token1, weight11, frequency1, weight21
token2, weight12, frequency2, weight22

etc for 500,000 docs. 

Basically, I would like to index the tokens for each doc.  When I search for a token, I would
like to be able to return the top docs sorted by weight1, frequency, or weight2.

So, in my naive setup, I loop through the files in the directory, then I loop through the
lines of the file.   In side of the loop through each file, I call this function:

	public Document processKeywords(Document doc, String keyword, Float weight1, Float weight2,
Integer frequency) throws Exception {
			Document doc = new Document();
			doc.add(new Field("keywords", keyword, Field.Store.NO, Field.Index.ANALYZED));			
			doc.add(new NumericField(keyword+"weight1", Field.Store.YES, true).setFloatValue(weight1));
			doc.add(new NumericField(keyword+"weight2", Field.Store.YES, true).setFloatValue(weight2));
			doc.add(new NumericField(keyword+"frequency", Field.Store.YES, true).setFloatValue(frequency));
			return doc;

So, for each token, I create 3 new fields each time. Notice how I am trying to index the keyword
in the "keywords" field.  For the weights and frequency, I create a new field with a name
based on the keyword.  On average, I have 100 tokens per document, so each document will have
about 300 distinct fields.  

When running my program, the lucene portion eats up tons of memory and when it gets to the
max alloted by the JVM (I have tried allowing up to 4 Gb), the program slows to a crawl. 
I assume it is spending all of its time in garbage collection due to all these fields. 

My code above seems like a very hacky way of accomplishing what I want (sorting documents
based on keyword search using different numeric fields associated with that keyword).  

FYI, here is the main search code, where q is the token I am searching for and sortby is the
field I want to use to sort.  I setup a QP to search for the keyword in the "keywords" field.
 Then, I can extract the stats that I indexed for the given query keyword.

	private static final QueryParser parser = new QueryParser(Version.LUCENE_30, "keywords",
new StandardAnalyzer(Version.LUCENE_30));

	public void search(String q, String sortby) throws IOException, ParseException {
		Query query = parser.parse(q);
		long start = System.currentTimeMillis();
		TopDocs hits =, null, 10, new Sort(new SortField(q+"sortby", SortField.FLOAT,
		long end = System.currentTimeMillis();
		System.out.println("Found " + hits.totalHits +
				" document(s) (in " + (end - start) +
				" milliseconds) that matched query '" +
				q + "':");
		for(ScoreDoc scoreDoc : hits.scoreDocs) {
			Document doc =;
			String hash = doc.get("hash");
			System.out.println(hash + " " + doc.get(q+"sortby") + " " + hash);

I am pretty new to Lucene, so I hope this makes sense.  I tried to pare my problem down as
much as possible.  Like I said, the main problem I am running into is that after processing
about 30000 documents, the indexing slows to a crawl and seems to spend all of its time in
the garbage collector.  I am looking for a more efficient/effective way of solving this problem.
 Code tidbits would help, but are not necessary :)

Thanks for your help,
Chris S.
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