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From "suman.holani" <>
Subject growing segments issue in lucene
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2011 10:32:47 GMT
Hi ,


I am using lucene 3.0.3.

It seems like either the lucene indexes are not getting optimized properly
as the files created in lucene index dir is growing with every doc added 

Please let me know the way to restrict the files and segments created .


merge factor is10

max merge docs is2147483647



I am using RAM index to add doc ,optimising it and then copying it to




false);  //hoping that optimized indexes will b transferred since m
optimizing ramdir before copying



Files created in FSDirectory as shown as .and these are increasing with a
index change.

_0.cfs   _16.frq  _1e.fdt  _1k.prx  _1s.fnm  _1y.tis  _4.nrm  _c.fdx  _i.tii
_q.frq        segments_l  _u.tii

_0.cfx   _16.nrm  _1e.fdx  _1k.tii  _1s.frq  _20.fdt  _4.prx  _c.fnm  _i.tis
_q.nrm        segments_m  _u.tis

_10.fdt  _16.prx  _1e.fnm  _1k.tis  _1s.nrm  _20.fdx  _4.tii  _c.frq  _k.fdt
_q.prx        segments_n  _w.fdt

_10.fdx  _16.tii  _1e.frq  _1m.fdt  _1s.prx  _20.fnm  _4.tis  _c.nrm  _k.fdx
_q.tii        segments_o  _w.fdx

_10.fnm  _16.tis  _1e.nrm  _1m.fdx  _1s.tii  _20.frq  _6.fdt  _c.prx  _k.fnm
_q.tis        segments_p  _w.fnm

_10.frq  _18.fdt  _1e.prx  _1m.fnm  _1s.tis  _20.nrm  _6.fdx  _c.tii  _k.frq
segments_10   segments_q  _w.frq

_10.nrm  _18.fdx  _1e.tii  _1m.frq  _1u.fdt  _20.prx  _6.fnm  _c.tis  _k.nrm
segments_11   segments_r  _w.nrm

_10.prx  _18.fnm  _1e.tis  _1m.nrm  _1u.fdx  _20.tii  _6.frq  _e.fdt  _k.prx
segments_12   segments_s  _w.prx

_10.tii  _18.frq  _1g.fdt  _1m.prx  _1u.fnm  _20.tis  _6.nrm  _e.fdx  _k.tii
segments_13   segments_t  _w.tii

_10.tis  _18.nrm  _1g.fdx  _1m.tii  _1u.frq  _22.fdt  _6.prx  _e.fnm  _k.tis
segments_2    segments_u  _w.tis

_12.fdt  _18.prx  _1g.fnm  _1m.tis  _1u.nrm  _22.fdx  _6.tii  _e.frq  _m.fdt
segments_3    segments_v  _y.fdt

_12.fdx  _18.tii  _1g.frq  _1o.fdt  _1u.prx  _22.fnm  _6.tis  _e.nrm  _m.fdx
segments_4    segments_w  _y.fdx

_12.fnm  _18.tis  _1g.nrm  _1o.fdx  _1u.tii  _22.frq  _8.fdt  _e.prx  _m.fnm
segments_5    segments_x  _y.fnm

_12.frq  _1a.fdt  _1g.prx  _1o.fnm  _1u.tis  _22.nrm  _8.fdx  _e.tii  _m.frq
segments_6    segments_y  _y.frq

_12.nrm  _1a.fdx  _1g.tii  _1o.frq  _1w.fdt  _22.prx  _8.fnm  _e.tis  _m.nrm
segments_7    segments_z  _y.nrm

_12.prx  _1a.fnm  _1g.tis  _1o.nrm  _1w.fdx  _22.tii  _8.frq  _g.fdt  _m.prx
segments_8    _s.fdt      _y.prx

_12.tii  _1a.frq  _1i.fdt  _1o.prx  _1w.fnm  _22.tis  _8.nrm  _g.fdx  _m.tii
segments_9    _s.fdx      _y.tii

_12.tis  _1a.nrm  _1i.fdx  _1o.tii  _1w.frq  _2.fdt   _8.prx  _g.fnm  _m.tis
segments_a    _s.fnm      _y.tis

_14.fdt  _1a.prx  _1i.fnm  _1o.tis  _1w.nrm  _2.fdx   _8.tii  _g.frq  _o.fdt
segments_b    _s.frq

_14.fdx  _1a.tii  _1i.frq  _1q.fdt  _1w.prx  _2.fnm   _8.tis  _g.nrm  _o.fdx
segments_c    _s.nrm

_14.fnm  _1a.tis  _1i.nrm  _1q.fdx  _1w.tii  _2.frq   _a.fdt  _g.prx  _o.fnm
segments_d    _s.prx

_14.frq  _1c.fdt  _1i.prx  _1q.fnm  _1w.tis  _2.nrm   _a.fdx  _g.tii  _o.frq
segments_e    _s.tii

_14.nrm  _1c.fdx  _1i.tii  _1q.frq  _1y.fdt  _2.prx   _a.fnm  _g.tis  _o.nrm
segments_f    _s.tis

_14.prx  _1c.fnm  _1i.tis  _1q.nrm  _1y.fdx  _2.tii   _a.frq  _i.fdt  _o.prx
segments_g    _u.fdt

_14.tii  _1c.frq  _1k.fdt  _1q.prx  _1y.fnm  _2.tis   _a.nrm  _i.fdx  _o.tii
segments.gen  _u.fdx

_14.tis  _1c.nrm  _1k.fdx  _1q.tii  _1y.frq  _4.fdt   _a.prx  _i.fnm  _o.tis
segments_h    _u.fnm

_16.fdt  _1c.prx  _1k.fnm  _1q.tis  _1y.nrm  _4.fdx   _a.tii  _i.frq  _q.fdt
segments_i    _u.frq

_16.fdx  _1c.tii  _1k.frq  _1s.fdt  _1y.prx  _4.fnm   _a.tis  _i.nrm  _q.fdx
segments_j    _u.nrm

_16.fnm  _1c.tis  _1k.nrm  _1s.fdx  _1y.tii  _4.frq   _c.fdt  _i.prx  _q.fnm
segments_k    _u.prx




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