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From Ian Lea <>
Subject Re: Is there any "Query" in Lucene can search the term, which is similar as "SQL-LIKE"?
Date Tue, 11 Oct 2011 08:36:41 GMT
See the FAQ entry

There is also in lucene contrib.

Be aware that wildcard queries can be slow, particularly if you enable
leading wild cards.

I don't understand your example, but it sounds like you might be
better off looking into analyzers, so that e.g. catstiger.amber is
indexed in a way that lets you search for it. Probably more work up
front, but potentially much better performance.


On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 8:11 AM, Mead Lai <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> *Background:
> *There are *ONE MILLION* data in a table, and this table has 100 columns
> inside.
> The application need to search the data in EVERY column with one 'keyword'.
> so, I try it in a clumsy way, using a database view, then search the view.
> Just like the following SQL:
> *=Step1*: create a view.
> CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW V_MY_VIEW(id,title,content)
> as
> mv.l_instanceid,mv.c_param1,mv.c_param2||';'||mv.c_param3||';'||mv.c_param4||';'||mv.c_param5||';'||mv.c_param6||';'||mv.c_param7||';'||mv.c_param8||';'||mv.c_param9||';'||mv.c_param10||';'||mv.c_param11||';'||mv.c_param12||';'||mv.c_param13||';'||mv.c_param14||';'||mv.c_param15||';'||mv.c_param16||';'||mv.c_param17||';'||mv.c_param18||';'||mv.c_param19||';'||mv.c_param20||';'||mv.c_param21||';'||mv.c_param22||';'||mv.c_param23||';'||mv.c_param24||';'||mv.c_param25||';'||mv.c_param26||';'||mv.c_param27||';'||mv.c_param28||';'||mv.c_param29||';'||mv.c_param30||';'||mv.c_param31||';'||mv.c_param32||';'||mv.c_param33||';'||mv.c_param34||';'||mv.c_param35||';'||mv.c_param36||';'||mv.c_param37||';'||mv.c_param38||';'||mv.c_param39||';'||mv.c_param40||';'||mv.c_param41||';'||mv.c_param42||';'||mv.c_param43||';'||mv.c_param44||';'||mv.c_param45||';'||mv.c_param46||';'||mv.c_param47||';'||mv.c_param48||';'||mv.c_param49||';'||mv.c_param50||';'||mv.c_param51||';'||mv.c_param52||';'||mv.c_param53||';'||mv.c_param54||';'||mv.c_param55||';'||mv.c_param56||';'||mv.c_param57||';'||mv.c_param58||';'||mv.c_param59||';'||mv.c_param60||';'||mv.c_param61||';'||mv.c_param62||';'||mv.c_param63||';'||mv.c_param64||';'||mv.c_param65||';'||mv.c_param66||';'||mv.c_param67||';'||mv.c_param68||';'||mv.c_param69||';'||mv.c_param70||';'||mv.c_param71||';'||mv.c_param72||';'||mv.c_param73||';'||mv.c_param74||';'||mv.c_param75||';'||mv.c_param76||';'||mv.c_param77||';'||mv.c_param78||';'||mv.c_param79||';'||mv.c_param80||';'||mv.c_param81||';'||mv.c_param82||';'||mv.c_param83||';'||mv.c_param84||';'||mv.c_param85||';'||mv.c_param86||';'||mv.c_param87||';'||mv.c_param88||';'||mv.c_param89||';'||mv.c_param90||';'||mv.c_param91||';'||mv.c_param92||';'||mv.c_param93||';'||mv.c_param94||';'||mv.c_param95||';'||mv.c_param96||';'||mv.c_param97||';'||mv.c_param98||';'||mv.c_param99||';'||mv.c_param100||';'
> FROM MyTable mv
> *=Step2*: search the view with LIKE '%keyword%'
> WHERE wcv.content LIKE '%keyword%'
> Finally, it works nice, but inefficiency, almost cost 5~7 seconds. cos ONE
> MILLION rows are tooo huge.
> *Lucene way:*
>    So, I use the Lucene to store these ONE MILLION data,
> code:document.add(new Field("content", content, Store.YES,
> Index.ANALYZED));//variable content, is the strings which jointed from the
> 100 columns
>     The problem is that: if some keyword is not a word or a term, the
> search will return nothing.
> Usually, the keyword would be a person's name or some jargon, like
> 'catstiger.amber','amin.ahmad','fund-in-trust'.
> and 'catstiger.amber' can't be split into a term to save in the index store
>    Cos, the Index.ANALYZED would fail to recognition the keyword as a term
> , so there is no such index at all.
> So, In short, is there any "Query" in Lucene can search the term, which is
> similar as "SQL-LIKE"?
>    This SQL-function will meet the purpose:
> SELECT * FROM luceneDB ldb
> WHERE ldb.content *LIKE* '%keyword%'
> Thank you very much.
> Regards,
> Mead

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