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From Peter Karich <>
Subject Lucene 4.0 questions, was: shift bug in possibly invalid use of NumericTokenStream
Date Mon, 19 Dec 2011 16:03:12 GMT
Hi Uwe,

thanks for the talk suggestion(s)*.

I was using it for faster term lookups of a long 'id'. How would this be
done with 4.0? Before I did it via Term:

new Term(fieldName, NumericUtils.longToPrefixCoded(longValue));

How should I generally do "term lookup" in 4.0 as you said in the video
that 'Term' gets removed somewhen :)? What is the most recommended way
and what is the fastest? Or where can I find "most recent" code in
lucene tests to be used as an example?

I also heard the suggestion to use the pulsing codec for id retrieval**.
Is this the correct way nowadays to achive this:

indexWriterCfg.setCodec(new Lucene40Codec() {
   @Override public PostingsFormat getPostingsFormatForField(String field) {
       if("_id".equals(field)) return new Pulsing40PostingsFormat();
       else ?




> Hi,
> NumericUtils is an internal implementation class, you should not use it.
> What do you want to do? There is no need to call any of its methods during
> indexing or searching. Everything else is advanced. I the latter case you
> should RTFM of BytesRef and realted classes (possibly watch the flexible
> indexing talk done by me in Berlin, Barcelona or San Francisco). Lucene
> moved to binary terms in 4.0 and no longer uses character based terms, so
> the code is different. BytesRef is just a wrapper around a byte[].
> Uwe
> -----
> Uwe Schindler
> H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen
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