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From Hiren Shah <>
Subject Query for "cache" mechanism to used
Date Tue, 10 Apr 2012 20:40:26 GMT
I have a requirement to get results of search query within 1 second for a
database table.The database table is returning results slowly at this
point.A table has to be moved to a cache and searched from there so that
search results come fast.I want to do google type page refresh on my
existing search page -- which means the page should refresh as the user
In order to acheive this the search results should return within one
second.My database is teradata.Its queries are taking 2 to 3 seconds at
least.Hence i want to look for other options like caching.I want to use
cache so that the resuls come fast.

Columns are
*company , Id , Industry, parent ...4 more*
Its a search page.So if user types "ja" all items starting from ja like

*company ------------- Id ------------- Industry --------------parent*
jaico ------------- 222 -------------paints ------------- Jaico asia
Jammy fruits------------- 232-------------food------------- jammy

The table contains 3.2 million rows and there are 8 columns that are
present.The search data need to return all 8 columns.Considering byte wise
there are 150 chars per row.So total bytes are 3.2 million * 150 chars =
480 Megabytes .I need to store this much data in cache and then fire search
queries like sql (grouping ,like ,order by) across them.What would be the
best option to use in this case

   1. ehcache
   2. jboss cache
   3. Inifinispan
   4. Apache Lucene

Please suggest which option is good .Is it better to do caching in memory
or to use lucene?
*What need to be cached?-->* It is a table of 3.2 million rows with 8
*Why it is to be cached?-->* It is to be cached so that search results come
*faster* than sql query.If i use sql query it takes very long time.Hence i
want to move towards caching data.

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