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From Chris Bamford <>
Subject Re: More questions on BlockJoinQuery
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 12:43:52 GMT
Hi Mike,

> Could you please send this to the list?
I thought I did!  :-)  Here it is again: 

I have a question about your post "Searching relational content with Lucene's 
I am actually trying to use Lucene 4.0.0, so am having to translate your example to 
the newer ToParentBlockJoinQuery / ToChildBlockJoinQuery APIs.  I have had some success, 
but my ultimate goal of combining the info from both child and parent hits is eluding 
me.  I  suspect I am missing something, but as yet haven't figured out what!

In this scenario, let's say I have the following relationship:

child 1 :   ref:"100", content:"child 1", type:"C"
child 2 :   ref:"200", content:"child 2", type:"C"
child 3 :   ref:"300", content:"child 3", type:"C"
parent  :   ref:"400", content:"parent", type:"P"

When one or more children are hit, I want that to be noted against the parent, 
so ultimately I can create a result object like:

Result{ ref:400, content:"parent", matches: [100, 300] }  // children 1 & 3 
were hit

I have followed your example closely just replacing BlockJoinQuery with 
ToParentBlockJoinQuery and BlockJoinCollector with ToParentBlockJoinCollector. 
Unfortunately I seem to be able to get either:

Just the parent objects (with, 10)) or just the children (with the 
Collector),  but not both! 
Am I to call search() twice (one returning TopDocs and the other GroupDocs via 
the Collector) and join them myself?  Or does one of these calls return me both 
types of documents, grouped and sorted?

I hope this makes sense.  I'm happy to provide more detail if required.


- Chris

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