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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: NIO2 Directory implementations
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2013 17:14:50 GMT
We are planning to move to Java 7 in Lucene trunk (5.0), so your input is fine! Just file a
JIRA issue and attach the code!

Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Michael Poindexter []
> Sent: Sunday, March 17, 2013 3:14 AM
> To:
> Subject: NIO2 Directory implementations
> As part of a project using Lucene I have implemented a trio of Directories
> roughly corresponding to the FSDirectory implementations in core.  These
> directory implementations use the NIO2 API's in JDK7 when opening files.
>  This ensures that on Windows the files are opened in a mode that allows
> deletion even if the file is open elsewhere.
> 1.) JDK7MMapDirectory - Roughly the same as MMapDirectory.  Uses
> (instead of RandomAccessFile) to create a FileChannel that
> then has map() called on it to create the mapped buffers.
> 2.) JDK7NIOFSDirectory - Roughly the same as NIOFSDirectory, but uses
> to create the file channel instead of RandomAccessFile.
> 3.) JDK7AsyncFSDirectory - This one is new and different.  I needed a
> replacement for SimpleFSDirectory (that was not susceptible to problems if
> interrupt()'ed) and did not have the synchronization problems on Windows
> of NIOFSDirectory.  This one is used where SimpleFSDirectory could have
> been used, but uses an AsynchronousFileChannel to do it's work.  The actual
> operation is still synchronous, but on Windows AsynchronousFileChannel
> uses overlapped IO, and hence does not require synchronization on the
> position and should be safe for interrupts.
> A couple of questions:
> 1.)  Is there any interest in me contributing these to Lucene?  They require
> JDK7+, but perhaps they could go in a contrib module?
> 2.)  While implementing these I noticed the implementation of
> FSDirectory.sync seems a little strange:  It just opens a new
> RandomAccessFile and forces a sync using it.  The JavaDocs seem to imply
> that this would force a sync on the file handle associated with the
> RandomAccessFile, but that's not the file handle that was written to as part
> of an IndexOutput.  On Windows at least this won't matter, but it seems
> theoretically wrong...i.e. according to the JavaDoc on a given platform this
> style of operation could have no impact if I am understanding it correctly.  It
> seems like maybe it would be better to have a sync() call on an IndexOutput
> that can be called before closing I missing something here?
> 3.)  What is the best way to go about benchmarking/testing these new
> implementations to compare against the core FSDirectory implementations?
>  I've seen some references to randomized tests and benchmarks on the
> developer pages on the Lucene website, but I didn't see anything that was
> along the lines of "Here's how to run the benchmarks"...any pointers would
> be much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Mike Poindexter

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