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From Nils Knappmeier <>
Subject Re: AutoSuggest with Query-Filters
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2013 11:33:31 GMT
> This is tricky.
> You could build a separate suggester per category/zip code (or,
> possibly prefix-code each suggestion with the category/zip code into
> one suggester), but likely this will blow up (ie, if the same
> suggestion often appears across zip codes / categories).  If your
> suggestions are already highly orthogonal across category / zip code
> then it may not blow up...
> Alternatively maybe you could store some info per-suggestion about
> which zip code / category it appears in, using upcoming payloads
> addition (see LUCENE-4820), and use that to filter each suggestion as
> it arrives.
> But: have you confirmed this is really a problem in practice?  Ie,
> typically suggestions have a strong a-priori rank based on eg how
> often that query was asked (if suggestions come from your query logs,
> like Google) or based on how popular that item is (if your suggestions
> come from your content, like Netflix), in which case, if suggestions
> are not that orthogonal, the risk of a bad suggestion may be very low?
Maybe we had a misconception of the intended use case of the 
AnalyzingSuggester or the auto-suggest feature in general.

Our suggestions should come solely from the index and not from a query 
log. I haven't even thought about using a query log as source. I think, 
in this case, it would be better to work on the index directly (using a 
PrefixTermEnum or so)...


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