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From Carsten Schnober <>
Subject Re: Statically store sub-collections for search (faceted search?)
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 08:20:28 GMT
Am 15.04.2013 10:04, schrieb Uwe Schindler:
> The limit also applies for filters. If you have a list of terms ORed together, the fastest
way is not to use a BooleanQuery at all, but instead a TermsFilter (which has no limits).

Hi Uwe,
thanks for the pointer, this looks promising! The only missing piece for
me is now how to use that filter in SpanQuery#getSpans(). I have
generated a DocIdSet from the filter with
getDocIdSet(AtomicReaderContext context, Bits.MatchAllBits).bits(), but
for some reason this just doesn't filter anything.

I am not sure what getSpans() expects the acceptDocs to be (I suppose
the bits that correspond to docs that should be returned are to be set).
This uncertainty roots in the getDocIdSet method because I am not sure
what to use as an argument for acceptDocs there either.


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