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From Chris <>
Subject Re: corrupted index Lucene 4.4
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2013 13:44:29 GMT
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the reply. I think it was due to power outage. I don't see any
segments file except for segments.gen

this is what i see in the folder. Please help - -----

_a73s_7sy.del         _s91x.tvx             _sa7s_Lucene41_0.tip
_a73s.fdt             _s9ez_9.del           _sa7s.nvd
_a73s.fdx             _s9ez.fdt             _sa7s.nvm
_a73s.fnm             _s9ez.fdx   
_a73s_Lucene41_0.doc  _s9ez.fnm             _sa7s.tvd
_a73s_Lucene41_0.pos  _s9ez_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa7s.tvx
_a73s_Lucene41_0.tim  _s9ez_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa7z.fdt
_a73s_Lucene41_0.tip  _s9ez_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa7z.fdx
_a73s.nvd             _s9ez_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa7z.fnm
_a73s.nvm             _s9ez.nvd             _sa7z_Lucene41_0.doc              _s9ez.nvm             _sa7z_Lucene41_0.pos
_a73s.tvd                 _sa7z_Lucene41_0.tim
_a73s.tvx             _s9ez.tvd             _sa7z_Lucene41_0.tip
_g0b0_5ep.del         _s9ez.tvx             _sa7z.nvd
_g0b0.fdt             _s9n2_8.del           _sa7z.nvm
_g0b0.fdx             _s9n2.fdt   
_g0b0.fnm             _s9n2.fdx             _sa7z.tvd
_g0b0_Lucene41_0.doc  _s9n2.fnm             _sa7z.tvx
_g0b0_Lucene41_0.pos  _s9n2_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa84_2.del
_g0b0_Lucene41_0.tim  _s9n2_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa84.fdt
_g0b0_Lucene41_0.tip  _s9n2_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa84.fdx
_g0b0.nvd             _s9n2_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa84.fnm
_g0b0.nvm             _s9n2.nvd             _sa84_Lucene41_0.doc              _s9n2.nvm             _sa84_Lucene41_0.pos
_g0b0.tvd                 _sa84_Lucene41_0.tim
_g0b0.tvx             _s9n2.tvd             _sa84_Lucene41_0.tip
_njtg_2pc.del         _s9n2.tvx             _sa84.nvd
_njtg.fdt             _s9ri_7.del           _sa84.nvm
_njtg.fdx             _s9ri.fdt   
_njtg.fnm             _s9ri.fdx             _sa84.tvd
_njtg_Lucene41_0.doc  _s9ri.fnm             _sa84.tvx
_njtg_Lucene41_0.pos  _s9ri_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa89.fdt
_njtg_Lucene41_0.tim  _s9ri_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa89.fdx
_njtg_Lucene41_0.tip  _s9ri_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa89.fnm
_njtg.nvd             _s9ri_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa89_Lucene41_0.doc
_njtg.nvm             _s9ri.nvd             _sa89_Lucene41_0.pos              _s9ri.nvm             _sa89_Lucene41_0.tim
_njtg.tvd                 _sa89_Lucene41_0.tip
_njtg.tvx             _s9ri.tvd             _sa89.nvd
_rxpj_52.del          _s9ri.tvx             _sa89.nvm
_rxpj.fdt             _s9z1_4.del 
_rxpj.fdx             _s9z1.fdt             _sa89.tvd
_rxpj.fnm             _s9z1.fdx             _sa89.tvx
_rxpj_Lucene41_0.doc  _s9z1.fnm             _sa8j.fdt
_rxpj_Lucene41_0.pos  _s9z1_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8j.fdx
_rxpj_Lucene41_0.tim  _s9z1_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8j.fnm
_rxpj_Lucene41_0.tip  _s9z1_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8j_Lucene41_0.doc
_rxpj.nvd             _s9z1_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8j_Lucene41_0.pos
_rxpj.nvm             _s9z1.nvd             _sa8j_Lucene41_0.tim              _s9z1.nvm             _sa8j_Lucene41_0.tip
_rxpj.tvd                 _sa8j.nvd
_rxpj.tvx             _s9z1.tvd             _sa8j.nvm
_s0vr_3z.del          _s9z1.tvx   
_s0vr.fdt             _sa4b_4.del           _sa8j.tvd
_s0vr.fdx             _sa4b.fdt             _sa8j.tvx
_s0vr.fnm             _sa4b.fdx             _sa8k.fdt
_s0vr_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa4b.fnm             _sa8k.fdx
_s0vr_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa4b_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8k.fnm
_s0vr_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa4b_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8k_Lucene41_0.doc
_s0vr_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa4b_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8k_Lucene41_0.pos
_s0vr.nvd             _sa4b_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8k_Lucene41_0.tim
_s0vr.nvm             _sa4b.nvd             _sa8k_Lucene41_0.tip              _sa4b.nvm             _sa8k.nvd
_s0vr.tvd                 _sa8k.nvm
_s0vr.tvx             _sa4b.tvd   
_s5j8_18.del          _sa4b.tvx             _sa8k.tvd
_s5j8.fdt             _sa4m.fdt             _sa8k.tvx
_s5j8.fdx             _sa4m.fdx             _sa8l.fdt
_s5j8.fnm             _sa4m.fnm             _sa8l.fdx
_s5j8_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa4m_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8l.fnm
_s5j8_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa4m_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8l_Lucene41_0.doc
_s5j8_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa4m_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8l_Lucene41_0.pos
_s5j8_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa4m_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8l_Lucene41_0.tim
_s5j8.nvd             _sa4m.nvd             _sa8l_Lucene41_0.tip
_s5j8.nvm             _sa4m.nvm             _sa8l.nvd                  _sa8l.nvm
_s5j8.tvd             _sa4m.tvd   
_s5j8.tvx             _sa4m.tvx             _sa8l.tvd
_s6ih.fdt             _sa4v.fdt             _sa8l.tvx
_s6ih.fdx             _sa4v.fdx             _sa8m.fdt
_s6ih.fnm             _sa4v_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8m.fdx
_s6ih_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa4v_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8m.fnm
_s6ih_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa4v_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8m_Lucene41_0.doc
_s6ih_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa4v_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8m_Lucene41_0.pos
_s6ih_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa63.fdt             _sa8m_Lucene41_0.tim
_s6ih.nvd             _sa63.fdx             _sa8m_Lucene41_0.tip
_s6ih.nvm             _sa63.fnm             _sa8m.nvd              _sa63_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8m.nvm
_s6ih.tvd             _sa63_Lucene41_0.pos
_s6ih.tvx             _sa63_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8m.tvd
_s6ih_u.del           _sa63_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8m.tvx
_s728.fdt             _sa63.nvd             _sa8n.fdt
_s728.fdx             _sa63.nvm             _sa8n.fdx
_s728.fnm                 _sa8n.fnm
_s728_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa63.tvd             _sa8n_Lucene41_0.doc
_s728_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa63.tvx             _sa8n_Lucene41_0.pos
_s728_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa6b_1.del           _sa8n_Lucene41_0.tim
_s728_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa6b.fdt             _sa8n_Lucene41_0.tip
_s728.nvd             _sa6b.fdx             _sa8n.nvd
_s728.nvm             _sa6b.fnm             _sa8n.nvm              _sa6b_Lucene41_0.doc
_s728.tvd             _sa6b_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8n.tvd
_s728.tvx             _sa6b_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8n.tvx
_s728_z.del           _sa6b_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8o.fdt
_s84k.fdt             _sa6b.nvd             _sa8o.fdx
_s84k.fdx             _sa6b.nvm             _sa8o.fnm
_s84k.fnm                 _sa8o_Lucene41_0.doc
_s84k_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa6b.tvd             _sa8o_Lucene41_0.pos
_s84k_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa6b.tvx             _sa8o_Lucene41_0.tim
_s84k_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa6m_1.del           _sa8o_Lucene41_0.tip
_s84k_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa6m.fdt             _sa8o.nvd
_s84k.nvd             _sa6m.fdx             _sa8o.nvm
_s84k.nvm             _sa6m.fnm   
_s84k_r.del           _sa6m_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8o.tvd              _sa6m_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8o.tvx
_s84k.tvd             _sa6m_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8p.fdt
_s84k.tvx             _sa6m_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8p.fdx
_s8ro.fdt             _sa6m.nvd             _sa8p.fnm
_s8ro.fdx             _sa6m.nvm             _sa8p_Lucene41_0.doc
_s8ro.fnm                 _sa8p_Lucene41_0.pos
_s8ro_g.del           _sa6m.tvd             _sa8p_Lucene41_0.tim
_s8ro_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa6m.tvx             _sa8p_Lucene41_0.tip
_s8ro_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa75_2.del           _sa8p.nvd
_s8ro_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa75.fdt             _sa8p.nvm
_s8ro_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa75.fdx   
_s8ro.nvd             _sa75.fnm             _sa8p.tvd
_s8ro.nvm             _sa75_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa8p.tvx              _sa75_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa8q.fdt
_s8ro.tvd             _sa75_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa8q.fdx
_s8ro.tvx             _sa75_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa8q.fnm
_s91x.fdt             _sa75.nvd             _sa8q_Lucene41_0.doc
_s91x.fdx             _sa75.nvm             _sa8q_Lucene41_0.pos
_s91x.fnm                 _sa8q_Lucene41_0.tim
_s91x_i.del           _sa75.tvd             _sa8q_Lucene41_0.tip
_s91x_Lucene41_0.doc  _sa75.tvx             _sa8q.nvd
_s91x_Lucene41_0.pos  _sa7s_1.del           _sa8q.nvm
_s91x_Lucene41_0.tim  _sa7s.fdt   
_s91x_Lucene41_0.tip  _sa7s.fdx             _sa8q.tvd
_s91x.nvd             _sa7s.fnm             _sa8q.tvx
_s91x.nvm             _sa7s_Lucene41_0.doc  segments.gen              _sa7s_Lucene41_0.pos
_s91x.tvd             _sa7s_Lucene41_0.tim

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Michael McCandless <> wrote:

> How did this corruption happen?
> If you "ls" your index directory, is there any segments_N file?
> Mike McCandless
> On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 9:01 AM, Chris <> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am running solr 4.4 & one of my collections seems to have a corrupted
> > index...
> >
> > I tried doing -
> > java -cp lucene-core-4.4.0.jar -ea:org.apache.lucene...
> > org.apache.lucene.index.CheckIndex /solr2/example/solr/w1/data/index/
> -fix
> >
> > But it didnt -
> >
> > ERROR: could not read any segments file in directory
> >
> > /solr2/example/solr/w1/data/index/segments_hid (No such file or
> directory)
> >         at Method)
> >         at<init>(
> >         at
> >
> >         at
> >         at
> > org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos$1.doBody(
> >         at
> >
> org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos$
> >         at
> >
> org.apache.lucene.index.SegmentInfos$
> >         at
> >         at
> > org.apache.lucene.index.CheckIndex.checkIndex(
> >         at org.apache.lucene.index.CheckIndex.main(
> >
> > Please help.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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