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From Ankit Murarka <>
Subject Number of Times 1 Field has occured in a document within a Given TimeRange,.
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2013 07:18:02 GMT

This might be a long mail but I have mentioned everything very clearly 
so that I can get needed assistance.

I have a use case. I am indexing two fields.

Field 1 : Value. Say suppose 1,2,3,4,5 etc..

Field 2 : Time  in Long Format . Say 20131203010005, 20131203132332 etc..

Both the field values are extracted from number of documents. Each 
document contains N number of such entry.

Indexing is not a problem. I am able to index both the fields properly.


Construction of Query:
During searching, I want that given a value (for field 1 say E.g. 2), 
get me the count of occurence of 2 each hour in the given index. i.e. 
 From 20131203000000-20131203005959 and then from 

I gave first field in TermQuery. and for second I used NumericRange 
Query -creating query for 24 time slots in a day.

Created a Boolean Query and gave TermQuery and NumericRange Query as two 
clauses with MUST and executed.


The query is giving me the output in terms of documents where the value 
2 and given range is present. Based on current implementation, I need to 
iterate through each doc found, get all the value field (matching input 
value=2) and then again impose an IF condition for the range and 
increment a counter everytime the IF is executed.

This is OK but I am looking for a shorter method.

A. Is it possible that on firing first query, I get the count of 
occurence itself. I think .search always returns number of docs.
B. If this is not possible, is it possible that having obtained the 
document in which the given input might be present, again execute a 
query on that document itself and find the occurence of given input for 
the given time range.
C. I tried with putting a count of occurence of given value during the 
indexing phase in index itself. But since TIME CROSSOVER can also happen 
inside the same file, the count which is stored during the indexing 
process is not proper. Hence I don't think I can store the count of the 
occurence during the indexing phase itself.

Please assist. Let me know if any point is not clear and I will clarify 
it again.


Ankit Murarka

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within

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