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From Ankit Murarka <>
Subject Re: Number of Times 1 Field has occured in a document within a Given TimeRange,.
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 13:24:26 GMT

Would really appreciate if someone can guide me on the below mentioned 

On 03-12-2013 12:48, Ankit Murarka wrote:
> Hello.
> This might be a long mail but I have mentioned everything very clearly 
> so that I can get needed assistance.
> Indexing:
> I have a use case. I am indexing two fields.
> Field 1 : Value. Say suppose 1,2,3,4,5 etc..
> Field 2 : Time  in Long Format . Say 20131203010005, 20131203132332 etc..
> Both the field values are extracted from number of documents. Each 
> document contains N number of such entry.
> Indexing is not a problem. I am able to index both the fields properly.
> Search:
> Construction of Query:
> During searching, I want that given a value (for field 1 say E.g. 2), 
> get me the count of occurence of 2 each hour in the given index. i.e. 
> From 20131203000000-20131203005959 and then from 
> 20131203010000-20131203015959..
> I gave first field in TermQuery. and for second I used NumericRange 
> Query -creating query for 24 time slots in a day.
> Created a Boolean Query and gave TermQuery and NumericRange Query as 
> two clauses with MUST and executed.
> Execution/Result:
> The query is giving me the output in terms of documents where the 
> value 2 and given range is present. Based on current implementation, I 
> need to iterate through each doc found, get all the value field 
> (matching input value=2) and then again impose an IF condition for the 
> range and increment a counter everytime the IF is executed.
> This is OK but I am looking for a shorter method.
> A. Is it possible that on firing first query, I get the count of 
> occurence itself. I think .search always returns number of docs.
> B. If this is not possible, is it possible that having obtained the 
> document in which the given input might be present, again execute a 
> query on that document itself and find the occurence of given input 
> for the given time range.
> C. I tried with putting a count of occurence of given value during the 
> indexing phase in index itself. But since TIME CROSSOVER can also 
> happen inside the same file, the count which is stored during the 
> indexing process is not proper. Hence I don't think I can store the 
> count of the occurence during the indexing phase itself.
> Please assist. Let me know if any point is not clear and I will 
> clarify it again.


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