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From Ralf Bierig <>
Subject Weighted tags for document instances (at index time)
Date Mon, 27 Oct 2014 13:38:42 GMT
I want to index documents together with a list of tags (usually between 
10-30) that represent meta information about this document. Normally, i 
would create an extra field "tag" store every tag, by its name, inside 
that field and create my 10-30 fields that and adding it to the document 
before adding the document to the index and writing the index.

However, I have the following extra requirements:

a) I need to have a weight in the range of [0,1] being associated with 
the tag that represents the probability of this tag being true.

b) These tags must be associated with the document and not with the 
terms of the document.

c) I must be able to associate many tags to a document instance.

d) I must be able to use the weight in the weighting process of the 
search engine.

e) The weight must be for the document instance, as the weight 
represents the probability for that tag for that particular document. E.g.

fieldname: tag
fieldvalue: tree
fieldweight: 0.8

meaning that this particular document is with a probability of 0.8 about 

What is the best way to do that?
Can somebody point me to an example or something quite similar that 
captures such a problem?


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