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From Christoph Läubrich <>
Subject Strange Index-Problem after updating the index
Date Fri, 22 Apr 2016 09:30:59 GMT
I'm facing a strange issue and I'm not sure if this is a bug or how I can debug this further.

Following setup:
- Java 8
- Lucene 5.5 (core+analyzer-common)
- FSDirectory

I'm indexing some documents (about 5 for testing purpose) and then search the index with an
SearcherManager, everything 
is fine, but if I then update the Index (e.g add a new document) I suddenly came to a point
that search return a 
completely unrelated document but not the document I have added, even though it also finds
previously added documents if 
the have mathing terms, but the unrelated document is always present in the result.

If I use

   Explanation explain = indexSearcher.explain(query, doc);

for this document found I get

  0.0 = no matching term

restarting the process or using a test-class that only reads and performs the query does not
help at all, deleting and 
recreation of the index works but is of course no solution.

I first thought it was some kind of index-corruption but since it reapears on a regular basis
I suspect either a bug or 
a missunderstanding/wrong usage of lucene.

Can anyone give me a hint how I can debug this any further? I will also try out the new lucene
6 version but even if 
this fixes the problem I'm still interested if there is anything that can be debugged beside
stepping through (and 
understanding) lucenes source code :-)

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