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From Steve Rowe <>
Subject Re: Too long token is not handled properly?
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2016 15:14:56 GMT
Hi Alexey,

> On Nov 14, 2016, at 3:49 AM, Alexey Makeev <> wrote:
> But, please correct me if I wrong, this change of semantics (which has implications from
the user point of view) was a workaround for a performance problem? I there was't the performance
problem, it would be better to keep original semantics?

Yes, I think so too.

> E.g. suppose we're indexing text <255 random letters>bob <255 random letters>ed,
with current implementation we'll have tokens bob and ed in index. But from the user point
of view it's unexpected: neither Bob nor Ed was't mentioned in the text.
> Higher maxTokenLength + LengthFilter could solve this, but I'm think it's a workaround
too. What value for maxTokenLength should I set? 1M? But what if there will be 2M token in
the text?

Yes, that is a problem.  I suspect though for people that have such data and are negatively
impacted by split tokens (actually only shorter trailing final tokens from a split long sequence
are problematic, since the leading tokens can be stripped by LengthFilter), a CharFilter that
removes such character sequences before tokenization, likely regex-based, is probably the
best way to go for now.

> I agree it's difficult task to make JFlex code be able to silently skip too long tokens.
I scheduled for myself attempt to fix it some months later with the following approach. In
case we encountered situation when buffer is full and there still could be a bigger match,
enter "skipping" mode. In the skipping mode full buffer is emptied, corresponding indexes
(zzEndRead and others) are corrected and matching continues. When we hit maximum length match,
skipping mode is finished and without returning a token and after yet another indexes correction
we enter normal mode. This approach to JFlex matching won't work in general, but I suppose
it'll work for tokenizer, because I did't see any backtracking in the code (zzCurrentPos never
backtracks non-processed characters).
> It would be great to hear you thoughts on this idea.

Patches welcome!  I’m not quite sure how you’ll be able to do this for arbitrary match
points within arbitrary rules, but I think it’s worth exploring.


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