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From Dawid Weiss <>
Subject Re: Automata and Transducer on Lucene 6
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2017 18:03:34 GMT
> Dawid, the thing is that I am not even sure that Automata are the perfect
> fit for my project and I thought some literature on it would help me decide
> whether to use it or not.

Still looks to me like you're approaching the problem from the wrong
side or don't
want to share the core problem which you're trying to solve. All
automata inside Lucene
serve a purpose somewhere -- they're not part of Lucene's search API
or even the core
goal of the library; they merely serve as an implementation detail for
some higher-level
use cases (say, efficient storage of a large number of term-value
pairs). It is this kind of
"high-level goal" I asked about. Your answer only adds to the mystery:

> Furthermore, I'll probably have to modify Lucene's
> Automata implementation for my project, and I thought that reading about
> design choices would allow me to better understand how to improve it.

Why? Is there something in Lucene's core search API that is not
working for you? Or maybe you need
an automaton library, not Lucene? In that case there are a few other,
more efficient alternatives out
there (in C/C++).

> 1. I need to be able to add data to an FST (add new strings and update the
> mapped value in the case of FST). I thought about a multi-layer strategy
> where old data has been compressed to an FST format whereas new data is
> added to a delta partition (probably a BST or a simple list).

Sure, it'll work. You could also build a dynamically merged view of
several FSTs (if their keys are distinct, or provide a value-merging
function). It'd be a nice addition to Lucene if you can share it.


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