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From elirev <>
Subject Re: Optimize FTS memory footprint
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2017 21:47:23 GMT
Thanks   Mike .
I did not  find  any  clear  way to know it its FST or Norm , or something
else ( unless i miss something )  the fact the FST is an in memory prefix
index lead me to think it using most of the heap   . 
Our  mapping is normal with around of 200 columns one of the columns is
nested object with limited amount of objects (up to 4 instances  )   , we
are using monthly base indexes  (keep 6 month open ) . In last month  i see
dramatic extra  allocation on the segment memory (around 30% where in
regulare    month is around 5%)  , the only change i see is that the nested
object is now include avg 8 instances  )  , this increases the amount of 
the hidden document we have now on the  index (about more then twice) . 
When we optimize the index the amount of allocation memory was reduced (we
see it only after rolling restart the nodes )   .

If you don't mind  i have few question :
1) Do you know about an  way  to figure   out which component is taking all
this memory .
2) Do you see relation between the fact that the nested objects was
increases to the extra memory allocation we have ?
3) Did FST memory usage is  impacted by the fact we optimize the problematic
index  and why  we see it only after restarting ES service

Thanks mike 


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