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Subject Re: StanardFilter Question :
Date Tue, 25 Jun 2019 21:01:57 GMT

  do You mean there is a backward compatibility factory in Lucene for 
these kinds of cases?

i think it can be fixed like this,  In other words is the following 
first line redundant then?

TokenStream filter = new StandardFilter(tokenizer); -> redundant 
(tokenizer is actually a StandardTokenizer object).
filter = new ElisionFilter(filter, getDefaultArticles());-> tokenizer 
can be directly used here

filter = new LowerCaseFilter(filter);


TokenStream filter = new ElisionFilter(filter, getDefaultArticles());

filter = new LowerCaseFilter(filter);

I also saw that some public fields have now different return type like field which is long type now.

this affects my rest of the code very much but luckliy there is 
Math.toIntExact which throws ArithmeticException when number is really 
long number outside integer limit.

In my case i will not exceed integer limit anyways.

Best regards

On 6/24/19 5:19 PM, Trejkaz wrote:
> I did the research on this one because it confused me as well, but it
> seems it was a no-op. So the replacement is just to remove it from the
> filter chain.
> We have a backwards compatibility filter factory, so we deal with it
> by keeping around a compatibility implementation which just does
> nothing like before.
> TX
> On Tue, 25 Jun 2019 at 06:21, <> wrote:
>> According to this jira ticket, where else is StandardFilter included in
>> Lucene 8.1.1?
>> and why is it a no-op now in Lucene 8.1.1?
>> I wish the tickets were a bit more explicit and suggest what to use
>> instead for deprecated versions like in version 7.5.0 or why it became
>> no-op in version 8.1.1?
>> this will make easy when ugrading to later versions.
>> Thanks
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