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Subject Re: Lucene FuzzyQuery
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2019 20:28:33 GMT
For problem#1 the following fuzzyquery ALONE does not catch any results 
when i run it  alone in the BooleanQuery and with either SHOULD or MUST 
occurrence. such as:


For problem#1 again the query is as follows:

[+contentDFLT:"street", ->PhraseQuery

contentDFLT:"mains~2", -> FuzzyQuery

contentDFLT:"st", -> PhraseQuery

+contentDFLT:"city", ->PhraseQuery

contentDFLT:nasua~2, ->FuzzyQuery

+contentDFLT:"municipality", -> PhraseQuery

+contentDFLT:"hillsborough", ->PhraseQuery

+contentDFLT:"region", ->PhraseQuery

contentDFLT:"new-hampshire", ->PhraseQuery

+contentDFLT:"country", ->PhraseQuery

contentDFLT:"united", ->PharseQuery


where + means MUST.

Best regards

On 6/7/19 2:24 PM, wrote:
> Sure, i will try that: and lets mark this problem as problem#1.
> something else is also happening: lets mark this as problem#2.
> i make sure i specify a string with 1 edit away misspelled and that 
> never gets hit but the word with correct spelling is in the index.
> Best regards
> On 6/7/19 2:02 PM, Atri Sharma wrote:
>> Is your FuzzyQuery matching any documents at all?
>> It would be helpful if you could post your entire query. It might be
>> happening that your Fuzzy query is not matching any hits, but when you
>> specify it as a MUST clause, then it becomes a necessary condition for
>> any hit to be returned by your overall query. However, with MUST
>> clause, that restriction is lifted.
>> Can you try running the FuzzyQuery independently (outside the
>> BooleanQuery) and see if you get any hits?
>> On Fri, Jun 7, 2019 at 11:27 PM <> wrote:
>>> May i ask this question about FuzzyQuery?
>>> When i select BooleanClause.Occur.MUST for a FuzzyQuery i dont get any
>>> results back but with
>>> Occur.SHOULD i get some results, though.
>>> what is the meaning of Occur.MUST for FuzzyQuery?
>>> I want Lucene to give me best result from FuzzyQuery, i thought that is
>>> good use for Occur.MUST.
>>> Best regards
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