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From Adrien Grand <>
Subject Re: Impact and WAND
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2019 06:57:04 GMT
Block-max WAND and other optimizations that improve the retrieval of
top hits (block-max WAND is about disjunctions, but we have
optimizations for conjunctions, phrases and boolean queries that mix
MUST and SHOULD clauses too) are only applied when the score mode is
TOP_SCORES indeed.

The level in MaxScoreCache is indeed a skip level. Impacts are stored
alongside skip data.

On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 5:21 AM Wu,Yunfeng <> wrote:
> @Adrien Grand <<>>. Thanks for your
> The explanation ` skip low-scoring matches` is great,  I  looked up some docs and inspect
some related code.
> I noticed the ` block-max WAND` mode only work when  ScoreMode.TOP_SCORES is used,  
is right?  (The basic TermQuery would generate ImpactDISI with scoreMode is TOP_SCORES.)
> Lucene compute max score per block and then cached in `MaxScoreCache` , this means we
can skip low-scoring block( current one block 128 DocIds)  and in competitive block  still
need to score any docId as seen,   I confused with  `MaxScoreCache#getMaxScoreForLevel(int
level)`, what the level mean? Skip level?  (Somewhere invoke this method pass one Integer
upTo param)
> Thanks Lucene Team
> 在 2019年7月10日,下午10:52,Adrien Grand <<>>
> To clarify, the scoring process is not accelerated because we
> terminate early but because we can skip low-scoring matches (there
> might be competitive hits at the very end of the index).
> CompetitiveImpactAccumulator is indeed related to WAND. It helps store
> the maximum score impacts per block of documents in postings lists.
> Then this information is leveraged by block-max WAND in order to skip
> low-scoring blocks.
> This does indeed help avoid reading norms, but also document IDs and
> term frequencies.
> On Wed, Jul 10, 2019 at 4:10 PM Wu,Yunfeng <<>>
> Hi,
> We discuss some topic from As Atri Sharma
propose discuss with the java dev list.
> Impact `frequency ` and `norm ` just to accelerate the `score process`  which  `terminate
> In impact mode, `CompetitiveImpactAccumulator` will record (freq, norm) pair , would
stored at index level. Also I noted `CompetitiveImpactAccumulator` commented with `This class
accumulates the (freq, norm) pairs that may produce competitive scores`,  maybe related to
> The norm value which produced or consumed by `Lucene80NormsFormat`.
> In this ` Impact way`, we can avoid read norms from `Lucene80NormsProducer` that may
generate the extra IO?  ( the norm value Lucene stored twice.)and take full advantage
of the WAND method?
> --
> Adrien


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