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From Otis Gospodnetic <>
Subject Re: Multiple indices
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 20:44:52 GMT
Just a quick comment.... not sure how things are really set up for Solr, but one could use
the /solr/index/XXX URL "scheme" to determine which index the request is for.  Configs for
different indices could be named after that "index" part in the URL, and that "index" part
could be used as the key in various data structures that store index-specific information.


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From: Chris Hostetter <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2006 3:10:36 PM
Subject: Re: Multiple indices

: norms, term vectors, field caches, etc.  It almost sounds like one
: would want multiple instances of Solr in the same app container.  But
: if that's the case, you aren't saving much over just having multiple
: app servers.

I didn't say anything yesterday because i pretty much agreed with yonik
... but it occured to me this morning that if you have a finite amout of
ram on a box (which we all do) 'R' gigs, and you want to run a variable
number of solr indexs 'N", the only way to do this currently is to run
N appserver instances and explicitly configure the JVM for each to use at
most R/N Gigs max heap ... which would bnot only make addign a new index a
pain (you have to reconfigure every appserver instance) but it also means
that you are managine your memory instead of letting java do it.

if it was possible to run several indexes in one appserver, then you
wouldn't have to wworry about this (but if you wnated to worry about it,
you could run some or all of your indexes in their own appserver

perhaps one way to go would be if solr paid attention to what webapp name
it was being run in, and used that to determine the directory it looked in
for it's configs/index? ... so most people would just intall "solr.war"
and it would look for everything in ./solr/  -- but if i want multiple
idexes i copy solr.war was solr-people.war, solr-places.war, and
solr-things.war, and now i've got 3 webapps running solr, and 3 seperate
directories containing 3 seperate indexes and configs... ./solr-people/,
./solr-places/, ./solar-things, etc...


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