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From "Robert Haycock" <>
Subject RE: To cluster, or not to cluster...
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 17:02:51 GMT
That's great, cheers.


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From: Clay Webster [] 
Sent: 24 March 2006 16:55
Subject: Re: To cluster, or not to cluster...

On 3/24/06, Robert Haycock <> wrote:
> Is it/will it be possible to cluster solr?
> We have a distributed system and it would be nice if we could
> the index to improve performance.
Solr does not have replication.  But it does have a very nice index
distribution system.

Solr can be run in a master/slave setup.  The master receives all the
changes.  For each commit a snapshooter index can be made.  The slaves
run the snappuller with whatever polling frequency they like.  Each
is then snapinstalled in the slave and can have its cache warmed (while
serving queries from the older index).

Slaves can come on line with new indexes out of sync.  But if your slave
hardware is the same and your pulling and shooting well-understood, and
make warming time-based it probably will not be a problem.  This
distribution is noted by each slave in the master.  That's as tied
as they get (not much).  So, if you have a requirement that they must
all be
in index-version-sync you could tie them closer and extend Solr.


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