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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Multiple updates possible?
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 21:39:45 GMT

: In this case we are looking at having multiple tomcats to provide us
: with load balancing and failover.  We are not looking at a master/slave
: index solution.  We'll also be working on windows.

I'm not very faimilar with windows, but if your goal is to have load
balanced servers for failover, then what is the advantage of running those
multiple servers on the same box (pointed at teh same index directory)?
... if the box goes down, you're up a creek.

what we do is have one master port that recieves all of the updates and
has a postCommit hook which makes snapshots.  then we have many slave
ports (running on other machines) which pull the snapshots at regular
intervals, and are all accessible behind a load balancer.

if one slave goes down -- no big deal, the load balancer stops using it.

if the master goes down, the slaves happily keep serving queries, but new
updates can't be published untill we install a "master" configuration
(with thepostCommit hook) on one of the slaves, and change the DNS record
for the master to point at that slave -- at which point it because the
new master.

I know the existing snapshotter/snappuller scripts in subversion don't
work on windows, but one of the items on the task list is to try and come
up with equivilent methods that can -- if you have any ideas on how that
can be achieved that would be great!


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