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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: faceted browsing
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 18:46:01 GMT
Solr has a lot of support to do faceted browsing, but one must
currently write a custom query handler to implement the faceting

The support includes:
  - custom query handlers:
  - the ability to return more data than just a list of documents
  - a filter cache with autowarming, for fast access to the filter for
each facet
  - more memory efficient and faster intersecting filter representations

The part I want in the future is simple faceted browsing without
having to write any plugins or Java code..  so we need to come up with
a syntax to represent the desired faceting operations, and then
implement that syntax in the standard request handler.

To implement a custom query handler, you need to implement SolrRequestHandler
and register it in solrconfig.xml


On 3/29/06, Erik Hatcher <> wrote:
> I saw Yonik mentioned faceted browsing as something coming in the
> future of Solr, but I had thought it was one of the initial features
> from seeing this announcement ages ago:
>         <
> Product-Category-Listings-t266441.html#a748420>
> If facets are part of the current Solr codebase, how are they
> configured and returned in the response?
> If they aren't currently possible with Solr, what would it take to
> implement it?
> I'm still, obviously, just scratching the surface of Solr as I
> evaluate it for replacing my custom XML-RPC based search server which
> does rudimentary facets using Filters and BitSet operations.
> By faceted browsing, a Query is used to search, Hits are returned,
> but also based on a subset of the fields (indexed, untokenized
> fields) the number of documents in each of these "facet" fields is
> returned as well to show counts by each facet.
> Thanks,
>         Erik

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