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From Morten Fangel <>
Subject Newbie with problems getting Solr to run on Tomcat
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 09:05:56 GMT

I'm quite the newbie when it comes to running Tomcat webapps and the likes of 
it.. I just need Solr for my website as we have ~45.000 articles we would 
like a full-text index of.

And I have gotten the example "distribution" (solr-nightly/example/) running 
by modding the schema.xml file.. But since I hardly believe that Getty is 
suitable for a production env. I tried to move it to Tomcat..
So I installed Tomcat on our "staging"/"test"-server (a copy of our production 
env. to test stuff out on).

Java SDK: `java -version` == java version "1.5.0_06"
Tomcat version: `./bin/`== Version: Apache Tomcat/5.0

Solr-Nightly from

When I try to access: testsite.[mycompany].dk/solr/admin/ I get attached 

I would really appreciate any help, because I would really enjoy using Solr 
for our searches...

Morten Fangel // fangel

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