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From Morten Fangel <>
Subject Re: Newbie with problems getting Solr to run on Tomcat
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 08:24:26 GMT
On Monday 15 May 2006 22:51, you wrote:
> that's a little strange ... it looks like it's finding the SolrServlet
> class but not SolrCore.
> did you put the solr.war file directly into your webapps directory -- or
> idd you expand it and move anything arround?
> the war should work "out of the box" as long as it can find the config
> files.
> can you send the output of "find ." from the root directory of your tomcat
> installation so we can see how you've got your files laid out?
> -Hoss
Okay - I have realised that know NOTHING about Tomcat.. I though you could 
just go to /manager/html and deply the .war file.. But apparently you cant do 
that at all..
So I have cleaned the tomcat dir so a "find ." (well, its split up via 
symlinks, so I appended "find ." for /var/share/tomcat5 and /var/lib/tomcat5 
and /var/log/tomcat5 - stupid debian install script) results in the attached 

Could someone just guide me with a step by step install of the example from 
solr-nightly/example into Tomcat. Should I copy the entire content of the 
example-dir into $CATALINA_HOME (/var/share/tomcat5) or into 
$CATALINA_HOME/server (/var/share/tomcat5/server) or what?

Remember - I have no clue.. so _any_ help would be greatly appreciated.. ;)

(sorry for being a nag and asking stupid questions)


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