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From Fabio Confalonieri <>
Subject Leveraging filter chache in queries
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 13:06:46 GMT


I've just fond Lucene and Solr and I'm thinking of using them in our current
project, essentially an ads portal (something very similar to

I see our needs have already surfaced in the mailing list, it's the refine
search problem You have sometime called faceted browsing and which is the
base of CNet browsing architecture: we have ads with different categories
which have different attributes ("fields" in lucene language), say
motors-car category has make,model,price,color and real-estates-houses has
bathrooms ranges, bedrooms ranges, etc...

I understand You have developed Solr also to have filter cache storing
bitset of search results to have a fast way to intersect those bitsets to
count resulting sub-queries and present the count for refinement searches (I
have read the announcement of CNet and the Nines related thread and also
some other related thread).

Actually we thought of storing for every category on a MySQL database (which
we use for every other non search related tasks) the possible sub-query
attributes with possible values/ranges, in a similar way as You with CNet do
storing the possible subqueries of a query in a lucene document.

Now what I havent understood is if the Solr StandardRequestHandler
automatically creates and caches filters from normal queries submitted to
Solr select servlet, possibly with some syntax clue.
I tried a query like "+field:value^0" which returns a great number of Hits
(on a total test of 100.000 documents), but I see only the query cache
growing and the filter cache always empty. Is this normal ? I've tried to
check all the cache configuration but I don't understand if filters are
auto-generated from normal queries.

A more general question: Is all the CNet logic of intersecting bitsets
available through the servlet or have I to write some java code to be
plugged in Solr?
In this case which is the correct level to make this, perhaps a new
RequestHandler understanding some new query syntax to exploit filters.

We only need a sort on a single and precalculated rank field stored as a
range field, so we don't need relevance and consequently don't nedd scores
(which is a prerequisite for using BitSets, if I understand well).

Thank You, I hope to have explained well my doubts.


PS:I think Solr and Lucene are a really great work!
I'll be happy when we have finished to add our project (a major press group
here in Italy) to public websites in Solr Wiki.

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