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From Marcus Stratmann <>
Subject Re: Java heap space
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 10:27:17 GMT
On 5/4/06, I wrote:
> From my point of view it looks like this: Revision 393957 works while
> the latest revision cause problems. I don't know what part of the 
> distribution causes the problems but I will try to find out. I think a
> good start would be to find out which was the first revision not working
> for me. Maybe this would be enough information for you to find out what
> had been changed at this point and what causes the problems.
(As a reminder, this was a problem with Jetty.)
Unfortunately I was not able to figure out what was going on. I
compiled some newer revisions from may but my problem with deleting a
huge amount of documents did not appear again. Maybe this is because I
changed the configuration a bit, adding "omitNorms=true" for some

Meanwhile I switched over to tomcat 5.5 as application server and
things seem to go fine now. The only situation I get OutOfMemory
errors is after an optimize when the server performs an auto-warming
of the cahces:
SEVERE: Error during auto-warming of
Java heap space
(from the tomcat log)
But nevertheless the server seems to run stable now with nearly 11
million documents.

Thanks to all the friendly people helping me so far!

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