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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Java heap space
Date Wed, 03 May 2006 18:20:42 GMT

: next thing I tried was to get the code via svn. Unfortunately the code
: does not compile ("package junit.framework does not exist"). I found out

This is because building a full Solr distribution from scratch requires
that you have JUnit.  Bt it is not required to run Solr.

: > Is your problem reproducable with a test case you can share?
: Well, you can get the configuration files. If you ask for the data, this
: could be a problem, since this is "real" data from our production
: database. The amount of data needed could be another problem.

What about generating random data dynamicly?

If you can submit a Jira issue, containing...

  1) Solr the config files you use.
  2) information on which ServletContainer you are testing this on
     (Tomcat, Jetty, etc..)
  3) information on how that servlet container is configured and run
     (ie: the container's config files ... or if you are just using the
     Jetty start.jar/configs that come in the Solr example say that)
  3) an app written in any common language (java, bash, perl, python,
     whatever) that generates and POSTs enough "random" documents to Solr
     to trigger your bug

...then other people can try to reproduce your error.

(Hopefully the bug you are encountering is specific to the configs, or the
Solr code, or the container -- and not a result of something strange in
your specific data, otherwise randomly generating fake data won't help).


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