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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: extending SolrIndexSearcher
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 05:57:49 GMT

: IndexSearcher.  I replaced it with ParallelMultiSearcher, where it is
: initialized similar to the client code I mentioned above.
: >From that, it seems like Solr itself needs to marshall and unmarshall the
: searcher instance SolrIndexSearcher holds, and because the
: ParallelMultiSearcher is initialized with RMI stubs, it fails to proceed
: with such marshall/unmarshall internal actions.  As mentioned in the first
: email, if I use ParallelMultiSearcher to only look at local indexes (no RMI
: stub), Solr works just fine.  So I'm wondering if there is a way use
: SolrIndexSearcher to search both local and remote indexes, even if not
: through the RMI solution Lucene's ebook has suggested via its
: ParallelMultiSearcher class.

As I said, i don't really know a lot about RMI, but I don't think the
client code is expected to marshall/unmarshall things -- but the objects
you want to pass to remote methods (or recieve back from from remote
methods) need to be serializable.  Do you know what objects you got
serialization exceptions from? (you didn't include any real source -- just
psuedocode, so it's not posisble to use the line numbers in your stack
trace to look at the code because we don't know exactly what you changed)


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