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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: extending SolrIndexSearcher
Date Wed, 10 May 2006 17:50:13 GMT

: My last email msg was in response to your suggestion:
: > If it's a Lucene class, you may want to start by making a small proof
: > of concept RMI app that just uses the Lucene core classes, once that
: > works then try your changes in Solr.
: For which I agree is a good starting point to narrow things down.  So my
: last msg was actual code of non-solr testing of ParallelMultiSearcher with
: RMI calls.

I understood that -- I'm glad to know it worked.  My point is that in
order for people to try to help you understand/fix the problem you are
having, they need to be able to look at the source and run it themselves.
having the source for your bare Lucene test is great -- but without having
either a copy of your modified SolrIndexSearcher or a patch file they can
use to generate your version, there's no way to try and reproduce what's

We can't even speculate on the cause of the exception, because the line
numbers in your version of SolrIndexSearcher are completely differnet
after you made your change.

I'm not promising that anyone on this list will have time to try and
reproduce your problem -- it depends on how interested people might be in
RMI and connecting to remote indexes -- but without the code your
running they can't even try.

Now that you've at least given us some idea what code is at line 794 where
the exception happens, we can at least speculate, and I'm guessing you are
right -- the problem is most likely that the anonymous HitCollector class
isn't serializable.  What I'm not sure of is wether changing the Solr
HitCollector will acctually solve the problem.  If i understand your
explanation of hte code correcly, ParallelMultiSearcher has it's own
HitCollector which wraps the HitCollector from SolrIndexSearcher ... which
makes me wonder how your non-Solr example worked .. whouldn't the
anonymous HitCollector in ParrallelMultiSearcher have had the same problem

As I've said, i don't really know much about RMI, but perhaps you could
try replacing the anonymous HitCollector in SolrIndexSearcher with a
concrete subclass that implements Serializable and see if that works?

If it does, then maybe you could submit a patch to Jira containing your
changes?  In order to be reusable, we'd need some way to configure
the remote indexes, and I'm not sure how much interest there would be from
the rest of the community -- but a proof of concept patch would be a great


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