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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Separate config and index per webapp
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 17:47:25 GMT

: If I see it right, if I just rename the webapp to, say, "solrfoo" then
: it still uses the system property solr.solr.home to search for the
: configuration, *not* solrfoo.solr.home, right?

correct .. we thought we can impliment something that looked at the war
file name easily ... but then we were set straight -- there is no portable
way to do that, hence we came up with the current JNDI plan which isn't
quite as "out of the box" as we had hoped, but it has the advantage of
being possible.

: Another thing I would like to see is a complete detachment of the solr
: configuration of that of the servlet container. Currently I have to

I don't know that we'll ever be able to make configuring Solr completely
detatched from configuring the servlet container -- other then the
simplest method of putting your.  Personally i don't think that should be
a major goal: a well tuned Solr installation is going to require that you
consider/configure your servlet container's heap size to meet your needs

: change the path to the configuration files by setting solr.solr.home or
: (even worse!) by starting Tomcat (which I use) from it's base home dir.

just to clarify: if you only want one instance of Solr on the port, you
do't *have* to start tomcat from it's base directory ... you just have to
make sure the "solr" directory is in whatever the current working
directory is when you do start it.  many servlet container start scripts
already make sure to set the working directory to the installation
directory before starting up the server, so maybe that's the source of the

: A while ago I proposed to put solr's config into /etc/solr (for linux).
: It was easily done (even for me) to add this directory to the places
: being searched in I thing if this is put in *additionally*
: it should be no problem even for those people who just want to try out
: solr and have no root privileges.

1) I'm not sure how this would work cleanly for people on Windows boxes
2) this still wouldn't make it possible to suport multiple webapps on a
single port (it would acctually make it hard to support multiple ports on
the same box).

If the JNDI approach gets implimented, then it should make it easy for you
to specify /etc/solr (or any other directory) as your config directory
with a one line change to your tomcat configuration.

But please don't let me discourage you from experiencing with this
approach yourself, and submitting a patch that does what you'd like ...
Perhaps I'm just missunderstanding.


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