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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Two Solr Announcements: CNET Product Search and DisMax
Date Sun, 28 May 2006 19:24:30 GMT

: I understand you may not be able to answer 1 and 2 directly, so how about if
: I combine them into one question that doesn't require you to release quite
: as much information.  Could you tell my how many tps you do per box, and a
: rough spec of what the boxes are?  I.e. the ratio of the answers to
: questions 1 and 2.

I can't, because of three things:
  a) i'm not comfortable stating any specifics without checking with a
     few people first.
  b) I don't know what the specs of our boxes are (days i have to think
     about hardware are days my manager isn't doing his job properly)
  c) i don't know what the ratio is.

...i might be able to remedy all three of those issues when i go back to
work on tuesday, but honestly I don't think that ratio is going to be as
usefull to you as you might think.  We tend to underutilize our machines o
the point that if half our tier goes down, while we're updating half of
all the products in our catalog because a premiere merchant just
discounted all of their products, *and* it just happs to be the peak
online shopping day of the year -- we still want our average response time
to be the same for our users as it was a month before.

Like I said, what would be more useful is if I (or maybe yonik) can
find some time to look up some numbers from our Performance testing to
tell you for a box of type ____ with a collection of size N how what does
the graph of X non stop concurrent users vs average response time of Y
look like while snaploading is happening every M minutes.

I'll try to get back to everybody on all of this.


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