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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Graduation, and SoC
Date Wed, 31 May 2006 17:01:56 GMT

: It looks like I may finally get to play with Solr in some project of
: mine.  I checked the Wiki and the Incubator status page for Solr, and
: the whole thing looks quite "feature-complete".  Are there plans to
: graduate from the Incubator?  Any idea of the time frame for that?

I don't really know a lot abou the incubator process ... but my
understanding is that some people would like to see a more diverse set of
committers (ie: more people who don't work at CNET) before discussing

Hence, i'm currently not pursuing any new features ... just trying to
improve javadocs so prospective committers have a could place to start
when submitting patches.

: I also saw the two student proposals for using Solr and Lucene to index
: Apache mailing lists.  That project should already have started.  Where
: is the code for that going to go?  I'd like to see how that's going.

I had no idea there had been any student proposals for that project ...
they aren't on the list of approved projects on Google's site, so i'm
guessing they sliped through the cracks.

Doug, Yonik: you guys were the perspective mentors right, did you know
some students had applied?


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