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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Graduation, and SoC
Date Thu, 01 Jun 2006 04:48:55 GMT

: > Hence, i'm currently not pursuing any new features ... just trying to
: > improve javadocs so prospective committers have a could place to start
: > when submitting patches.

: I don't think you should do this.
: when i initially posted about doing this kind of thing (to encourage
: others to speak up) It was shot down by Yoav
: who quite rightly said that dampening a project is not the right way
: of getting a community started.

I know, I remember ... your argument didn't make a lot of sense to me at
the time, and then i warmed to it, and then i shrugged it off and then i
warmed to it again.

I don't think my focusing on javadocs at the moment is damping the project
... if there were any cool features i really wanted to actively pursue, i
would -- but at this point the lack of javadocs just kind of bugs me and
i'd like to remedy it.  Independent of anyone else working on Solr, just
the exercise of doing some of the simple interfaces last weekend made me
aware of some little things that suprised me, and i'd like to get those
things documented so they don't suprise me (or anyone else) again later.

The next big thing i'd really like to tackle is...
...improving the javadocs is just a really good first step, with the added
bonus that it lowers the bar other people to start writing their own Solr
plugins, or tinkering with the internals (and hopefully submitting


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