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From Marcus Stratmann <>
Subject Re: OutOfMemory error while sorting
Date Mon, 19 Jun 2006 13:33:59 GMT

Chris Hostetter wrote:
> This is a fairly typical Lucene issue (ie: not specific to Solr)...
Ah, I see. I should really put more attention on Lucene. But when 
working with Solr I sometimes forget about the underlying technology.

> Sorting on a field requires building a FieldCache for every document --
> regardless of how many documents match your query.  This cache is reused
> for all searches thta sort on that field.
This makes things clear to me now. I always observed that Solr is slow 
after a commit or optimze. When I put a newly created or updated index 
into service the server always seemed to hang up. The CPU usage went to 
nearly 100 percent and no queries were answered. I found out that 
"warming" the server with serial queries, not parallel ones, bypassed 
this problem (not to be confused with warming the caches!). So after a 
commit I sent some hundred queries from our log to the server and this 
worked fine. But now I know I only need a few specific queries to do the 

Thanks Chris for the great support! The Solr team is doing a very good 
job. With your help I finally got Solr running. Our system is live now 
and I will now switch over to the "Who uses Solr" thread to give you 
some feedback.

Again, thank you very much!


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